Tulisa Contostavlos Heart Shapes Printed Panty Upskirt


Here is Tulisa Contostavlos revealing the panty upskirt while heading home at 4:00 AM after leaving The Project Club in London. Yeah man, Tulisa Contostavlos is one girl who sure know how to have a good time. And it seems the X Factor UK judge was enjoying herself a bit too much as she stumbled out of the nightclub at 4 in the morning last Friday. As she left Mayfair nightspot in the early hours, the singer ended up needing a helping hand as she tripped while making her way to the waiting car. She wore a very short multi-colored strapless bandeau dress that could not possibly reveal anymore cleavage and underneath the dress she wore white panties with red heart shape prints covering it. This heart shape print would make for a nice wrapping on a guy's next birthday gift especially if it is covering something similar.

In other Tulisa news, she has obtained an injunction in the UK banning the sale or broadcast of the short sex-tape online of herself performing oral sex on an ex-boyfriend. And is reportedly suing Justin Edwards (aka MC Ultra) for £100,000, accusing him of being behind the leak of the video, a claim he vehemently denies. She told the Guardian: 'I slept on the bathroom floor for seven days ... I just wouldn't go out of the house. I couldn't sleep. 'Didn't really want to eat anything. But I snapped out of it. I knew what I was doing. I knew in my head that I was depressed; I knew why I was depressed.'It was all logical. I didn't want to smile. I didn't want to be happy ... It was like a level of mourning, do you know what I mean?' Tulisa conceded she needed to take a step back to have her 'tears and tantrums' and 'bad moods'.

Yup, so we can all be a bit happier for her because it seems she is feeling a lot better since she is out clubbing again. And Thank goodness that injunction that banned on the leaked Tulisa oral sex video is only affecting websites based in the UK jurisdiction alone because we were one of the first to share it and you can still download it right here for free. LOL... Anyway, sadly her pussy was not seen in the interesting leaked blowjob video. So many guys are still wanting to see that hot clam of hers. It will happen sooner or later but for now guys are going to have to make due with panty upskirt shots like the photos below taken by the paparazzi. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.GutterUncensored.com


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